Top 5 Tips To Be a Healthy, Glowing Bride

Health is wealth. Our health is the most precious thing that we have in our whole life. A Good skin and body is everyone's desire. But there are some rare persons who enjoys it. Our skin's health is very closely related to our deit and exercise. These are not only creams and treatments who takes affect to skin. So if you want to have a good health and a glowing face then read on and implement these tips given below.
Glowing Bride

How To Be a Healthy and Glowing Bride:

                                Be a Healthy, Glowing Bride
  1. Eat the right way :- Choose food that is low on sodium levels, so that it doesn't take a toll on your weight, limit yourself to a healthy, low carb diet that is high on nutrients, low on saturated fast and quicken your metabolism by consuming these at regulated point of time in a day
  2. The Wonders of Water :-Drink lots of water through out the day. It keeps you fit and also helps you to keep the glow on your skin intact. Make sure that the water consumption is regular and remember - don't skip meals.
  3. Protein perfection:- Try to include some protein in every meals of the day. In order to keep your sugar level balanced . In take of fiber from vegetables is also important to keep your bowel system in check. Which in turn, results in healthy skin.
  4. Go nuts and citrus:- Nuts make a good snack and will give your energy for the day. Also include lots of citrus fruits as they have vitamin C. Which is good for your skin too and also helps in weight loss.
  5. Work-out:- Do at least four mins of cardio for six days a week, and also 2-3 days of weight training Lastly, remember to keep a positive mindset.
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Top Tips To Buy a Sari


Do you like Saris? Do you wanna buy one? If yes, then first read on and find how you can buy a Sari that best suit you. Here are some tips to keep in mind while saree shopping.

Best Tips To Keep in Mind While Sari Shopping:

  • Keep your body type in mind before choosing a sari.
  • Choose colours that will complement your skin tone.
  •  A part from a few trendy places, pick timeless styles to be part of your trousseau.
  •  Identify the colours that go well with your skin, usually bright neon's or extremely washed out psatels do not work well with the Indian skin tone.
  • The sari can be draped like a lehenga or even on a chudidhar. The pallu can be handled in different ways draped over the left or right shoulder keep long or short or wound around the neck too.
  •  Always have a variety of sarees in your trousseau, be it georgettes, pure silk, chanderi or banarsi.
  •  Today's brides prefer colours like mint green, aqua, peach, beige and rusted red, Sheers, tulle and lace blouses are in demand.
  •  The sarees is a timeless garment that suits any body type and favors Indian curves, No wonder it's a bride first choice.
Hope you find this helpful. Please give us your feedback via comment.

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Top 10 Health Tips For a Bride-to-be or Fiancee

Getting married is one of the most precious moments in one's life. So everyone wants to look better when appearing in the marriage. Here are Top 10 tips for a fiancee so she can enjoy the whole marriage and looks good to others.

Health Tips For a Bride-to-be:

  • Set achievable fitness targets.
  • Include lots of fruit sand vegetables in your diet.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Don't follow crash diets that offer quick results.
  • Drink lots of water
  • A balanced diet goes a long way in making one healthy consume at least five to six servings of protein eat dal, sprouts, corn, salad, lean fish or chicken, low fat milk and milk products like curd and paneer in varous combinations.
  • Instead of fried snacks, opt for handful of dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, figs, apricots peanuts and channa. This is an excellent mid-meal snack packed with nutrition, adds Goradia.
  • You  must make sure to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep daily. 
  • Massages soothe the body and help ease mental stress. So, Pamper yourself with massage.
  • Yoga is good for toning the body. It also helps to calm the nerves. A 30 - minute run or skipping are some good options. Exercise has a positive detrimental to overall health and leave one feeling undernourished and emotionally fragile. Set achievable fitness goals. You will feel fit if you stick to a nutritious diet and drink a generous amount of water everyday. Keep yourself hydrated with liquids as they pital.
Do you know any other tips that can help others? Kindly share them with us via comments.

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